Wall Street is focused on metaverse. But critics say it is overcrowded and will be a controlled bombing scene

“Metaverse” is a very vague word. Generally, it refers to the physical world where people (avatar users) can play games, work, create and trade objects, watch visual concerts, participate, and more. Some think there will be one big metaverse, while others think the crowd.

Facebook is focused on the visual world, as it was renamed as Meta in October. Its move has aroused the interest of investors around the world, with Morgan Stanley calling it the “next big team” in investing.

Generation Z, or those between the ages of 9 and 24, will be the driving force behind the adoption of this metaverse, Jefferies analysts believe.

“I think they are skeptical,” Libby Rodney, chief strategist at Harris Poll, told Insider.
Rodney said Gen Zs were integrated within the entire epidemic. “There is another world removed from them, which is the real world in life, [and] they want to leave.

Zuckerman, who built the first metaverse in the 1990s, said keeping the visible world safe has always been a challenge.
The creators of the content there may come up with some nice explosive displays, saying, “Happy Birthday”. But the scholar said that it would take about 15 minutes before others could do the same with hate speech.
Social cohesion and law enforcement in these metaverse “will be a new set of problems,” he said.