Top 6 Crypto Experts Predicting Fintech: Bitcoin $ 100,000 Strikes ‘Desirable But Never Crazy’

21 has been an uncontrollable year for cryptocurrency. Despite the recent decline of bitcoin, for example, its price continues to rise by more than 70% in the last 52 weeks.

More importantly, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have taken a big step, not only in the calculation – today the cryptocurrency market value is estimated at $ 2.5 trillion, more than doubled last year – but also in terms of growth in acceptance.

One mid-year study estimates that there were 221 million cryptocurrency holders, twice as many as in January.issue certain types of Bitcoin-based ETFs.

At the same time, we also saw a significant decline in cryptocurrencies. China has been one of the most transparent countries in the downturn, both banning crypto miners and blocking more cryptocurrency transactions from its billionaires and over. India is considering similar measures.

And while governments may not be inclined to ban crypto, 2021 has been a year of uncertainty about power outages, and thus the impact of climate change, which may have been caused by crypto.

Many El Salvadors

They may not always take the form of a formal tender, but financial institutions will continue to embrace cryptocurrency because customers want to be part of their portfolio.Expansion of secondary or derivative markets
.In February, Canadian Purpose Investments unveiled what it claims to be the first bitcoin-based ETFs in the world.

There is no reason why this cannot be repeated 10 or 100 times in markets outside the U.S.Individual investors are also increasing their chances of realizing that they can make a profit on the crypto portfolio, despite the risks, and borrow against it, expanding the crypto ecosystem.

The Ethereum war will continue

The conflict may not be resolved by 2022, but smart investors are likely to limit their portfolios to play it safe.

The end of the Big Tech competition, for nowMeta, formerly known as Facebook, has been dragging its feet for years about their digital currency, now called Diem. The recent departure of the head of cryptocurrency Meta David Marcus is all but certain that even if Diem does it outside the first gate, it will not work.

This follows Google’s announcement in October that it will not continue its advanced payment plans and banking services. The departure of humble technology companies should signal a growing opportunity for existing cryptocurrencies and stablecoins