Dravid Deadbats Questions About Kohli-Ganguly SagaIn

Twitter’s collaboration between a Grammy Award-winning rapper and a billionaire technology expert on cryptocurrencies has sparked widespread reactions to Twitter. In a recent Twitter interview, Grammy Award-winning physician Cardi B, former Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said on Tuesday that Bitcoin would replace the US dollar. Cardi B asked on …

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Pakistanis own $ 20 billion in Crypto, the report reveals

Due to the lack of regulations, Pakistanis have invested heavily in digital assets. A new study estimates that Pakistanis save $ 20 billion, which is more than their central bank has in foreign reserves. Government Demands Regulations As Research Indicates Pakistani Holds $ 20 Billion in Cryptocurrency The study, produced …

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Bitcoin May End Existence, Warns About Education

Prasad said the inefficiency of Bitcoin and its inability to facilitate exchanges as a payment method would be the reason for its collapse. The future of Bitcoin is difficult to predict, but Eswar Prasad, a professor of international trade policy at Cornell University, has warned that the world’s most popular …

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